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Welcome to Musikraft and thank you for visiting our website! For more than 25 years, Musikraft has been serving the music industry with high-quality guitar necks and bodies, all crafted here in our shop in New Jersey. We are licensed by Fender to produce guitar and bass replacement parts, and we work with a huge variety of clients, from large OEM companies to individual luthiers and musicians. As players ourselves, we work diligently and passionately to create that guitar neck or body that feels and sounds just right to real musicians. Our creed is true innovation, superior quality, and optimal service at reasonable prices, with an unparalleled variety of options and features. We utilize state-of-the-art precision technology to provide beautiful, vintage old world construction, with a natural, comfortable, and hand-made feel.

12/2- Thanks to all that took advantage of our end of the year Black Friday special. Although our current lead time is still 4-6 weeks, please consider that the holiday season will have an impact on lead times. 

9/24 - Long over due new website will be online in the coming weeks.

- Great news for our overseas customers: At the recent convention in Geneva, CITES has just voted to exempt the Rosewood used in small quantities for musical instruments from the restricted list! This means that we can now ship Rosewood overseas. However customers should check to make sure their country does not have any individual restrictions outside of this exemption. 


- We have a new finish option available. Check out the look of our new Amber Tinted Oil in the Learn More section.

- We have a new alternative to Ebony available, CHECK IT OUT in our Learn More section.

- We are now offering Ebony for fingerboards again.

- Great news! We have again procured another batch of this very special wood. In lieu of recent CITES rulings that heavily restrict the import and export of ALL species of Rosewood, we have the ultimate answer. This wood was salvaged from the boardwalk at Coney Island which was built in the early 1900's. Seasoned for 100 years, it has the vibe and amazing sweet tone that is so desirable! From a sound standpoint, it is almost a cross between ebony and rosewood - sort of a Brazilian Rosewood sound. It also has a nice medium to darker brown color and looks similar to most rosewoods. There are no export restrictions on this wood as it is technically not in the rosewood family and it is helping the environment by using reclaimed wood. Everyone wins - all around! Even more so, we will offer it at the standard rosewood price, so look for it on the order forms.

Antique Coney Island Boardwalk Reclaimed Exotic Wood

Common Name(s): Brazilian Walnut

Scientific Name: Handroanthus

We are happy to announce that we have added the following options back to our order forms:

Bullet Truss Rods, MKW Necks, Our JnL Necks (which are a G&L replacement) and Neck Binding are all now available on our order forms

24-3/4" Conversion Scale - Which will work with standard 25-1/2" scale bodies.

24 Fret Option - This is NOT a large extension on the end of the fingerboard, but rather a true 24 fret neck that will require a body that has the proper bridge placement for a 25-1/2" scale 24 fret neck (similar to Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez etc.)

Block Inlays - Now available in the Top Dot & Inlay menu on your order page. They are available in Pearloid or Black Plastic. Please note in the comments section whether you want them to start at the first or the third fret.